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Forget the complexities of 3D design. Step into your own virtual environment with a subscription. Renting a VR space has never been this easy. Our process is simple.



Explore our diverse catalog of pre-designed virtual environments. From cozy meeting rooms to grand art galleries, find the perfect space for your needs.


Choose a subscription plan and gain access as the host of your new virtual space. You focus on your event, we handle the logistics.



Adjust your virtual presence as your needs change. Pause or cancel your subscription anytime. Full satisfaction with zero hassle. Enjoy new spaces added monthly.

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that you'll find everything you need for your virtual environment right here. Seriously.

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Wide Variety of Spaces

Choose from an extensive range of modern virtual spaces for every occasion

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Monthly Subscriptions

Change plans, switch spaces, or pause your membership as your needs evolve

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Flexible Scheduling

Host your virtual events at any time, connecting with your audience on your terms

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Full Content Control

You're the host - Easily add or remove content, showcasing your services or products

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Token-Gated Access

Exclusive access options for your virtual spaces, ensuring privacy and selectivity

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Simple, intuitive platform navigation, making virtual space management a breeze

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  • Choose any 3 spaces
  • Add +1 Co-host
  • Host up to 500 guests
  • Priority E-mail support


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  • Choose any 5 spaces
  • Add +2 Co-hosts
  • Host up to 500 guests
  • E-Mail & Discord support


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All the A’S for your q’s.

What is Goodhubs subscription service?
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Goodhubs offers a subscription service aimed at ambitious brands and individuals who wish to embrace VR without commitments. It provides affordable, accessible, and adaptable virtual environments for the Metaverse. Renting a VR space has never been this easy.

Can I pause or cancel my subscription at any time?
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Yes, you have the flexibility to pause or cancel your subscription at any time, ensuring full satisfaction with zero hassle.

What types of virtual spaces does Goodhubs offer?
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Goodhubs offers a wide variety of pre-designed virtual environments, ranging from cozy meeting rooms to grand art galleries, catering to different needs and occasions.

What benefits come with a membership?
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Membership includes a variety of modern virtual environments, monthly subscription flexibility, flexible scheduling for virtual events, full content control, token-gated access for privacy, and user-friendly platform navigation.

How does the subscription process work?
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The process is simple: View all the spaces via Metaverse Portal and decide which spaces you wish to host. Subscribe to a plan. At checkout, enter your @username and the space names. You will receive an email to gain access as the host of your new virtual space, allowing you to focus on your audience while Goodhubs handles the logistics.

Are there different subscription plans available?
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Yes, Goodhubs offers two plans: a monthly and a quarterly subscription plan, as well as an Enterprise option for bespoke virtual spaces or one-off purchases. Each plan is designed to cater to your specific needs.

How can I learn more or get started with Goodhubs?
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You can learn more about how Goodhubs works and how it can help you by booking a call through our website. You can also start immediately by choosing a subscription plan that suits your needs.

What makes Goodhubs stand out in virtual environment management?
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Goodhubs stands out due to its comprehensive membership perks, ease of use, and flexibility in subscription options, making it an ideal choice for brands and individuals looking to explore virtual spaces.

Can I refer a friend to Goodhubs?
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Yes, Goodhubs has a referral program where you can earn 5% monthly recurring commissions for each referral, enhancing the benefits of being part of our community. For any additional questions or specific inquiries, you can directly contact us.

What types of events or occasions are Goodhubs' virtual spaces suitable for?
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Goodhubs' virtual spaces are designed to accommodate a wide range of events and occasions, including exhibitions, NFT showcases, concerts, meetings, educational sessions, and cultural events. With a diverse catalog of virtual environments, you can find the perfect space to fit your specific needs, ensuring your virtual events are engaging and memorable.